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Post Construction

At Prestige Cleaning Niagara, we understand the importance of a properly cleaned home. Not only do we perform a cleaning removing all dust from high contact surfaces, but also in the hard-to-see areas. Under cupboards, sides of  drawers, under the bathtub drain cap, etc.


We ensure each home receives the same quality result

$45 Per Hour (Per Cleaner, Plus Tax)

Minimum 43Hours


Standard Cleaning

All Rooms

  • Sweep/Vacuum floors and carpets

  • Mop

  • Dust all open surfaces (including baseboards)

  • Dust window sills 

  • Remove cobwebs

  • Sanitize doorknobs

  • Clean light switches

  • Clean electrical outlets

  • Polish mirrors

  • Remove garbage

  • Wash doors (including front)



  • Clean and sanitize all counters

  • Clean all sinks and faucets

  • Remove grime from stovetop and backsplash

  • Microwave (including interior)

  • Wipe appliances (outer)


  • Clean and sanitize sink, vanity, and faucet

  • Scrub entire toilet

  • Clean shower (including tub, tiles, and minimal grout)

  • Wipe cabinets (outer)


  • Clean and sanitize all surfaces


  • Dust entirety of building

  • Sanitize all contact areas

  • Interior of Cupboards (and underneath)

  • Windows (Full cleaning additional)

  • Paint splatter removal

  • Painter tape removal

  • Grout splatter removal

  • Remove any debris left behind

  • Front Entrance (Outside)

At Prestige Cleaning Niagara, we understand that each home is unique. We customize our cleanings to match what is required to perfect each home, before you hand the keys over to the owners. 

Our job is to be the last in the homes before the owners take over and move in, so we take great pride in ensuring that each job is done properly, the 1st time. No cleaning or sanitizing left for the owners, all they need to do is enjoy their new space!

By using our services, you are giving the home owners a sense of relief that all areas of the renovation or new build are complete, and they are ready to move in. Every builder needs a reliable high detail post construction clean after each project, to complete their work and show the home owners what a great job you've done completing their home.

Let us help you wow your clients!

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