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Office Cleaning Includes 

All Rooms

  • Remove garbage and recycling and refill liners

  • Dust baseboards and open surfaces (including window sills)

  • Sanitize all surfaces

  • Sweep/Vacuum

  • Mop

  • Clean all interior glass

  • Polish mirrors



  • Dust and sanitize unobstructed desk space

  • Dust computer

  • Remove any grime

  • Dust windowsills

  • Dust and sanitize cabinets



  • Clean Sink, Vanity, and Faucet

  • Minimal dishes

  •  Sanitize tables and chairs

  •  Clean inside of microwave

  • Exterior of appliances

  • Exterior of cupboards



  • Clean and sanitize Sink, Faucet, Vanity

  • Polish mirrors​

  • Entirety of toilets

  • Urinals

  • Wash outside of cabinets

  • Sanitize paper towel holders, toilet paper holders, and hand dryers

  • Refill toilet paper and paper tower

*We also have the option to add custom requirements*

Starting at $75

Please contact to arrange a walkthrough to provide accurate pricing for your facility

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