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Deep Cleaning &
Move In/Out

Cleaning each home to perfection

Whether you're prepping a home for staging, or ready to share on the market, each home deserves a proper cleaning.

Prestige Cleaning specializes in high detail cleaning, ensuring each home is in perfect condition for your prospective buyers. Getting into each detail, we are the go-to cleaning company for large projects and those looking to detail their home before selling.

How To Choose

Each home is different, which means your needs will be different too. The easiest way to determine what you need, is by making a checklist. We've made a checklist so you can pick and choose the services you need for your home, and what you don't. We personalize each Deep Clean or Move In/Out cleaning, so if there's anything you do not require, please let us know.



All Rooms

  • Extra Thorough-including Mold, Heavy Grease, Hard Water, Excess Dirt, Etc.

  • Dust Open Surfaces

  • Dust Baseboards and Windowsills

  • Handwash Baseboards and Trim

  • Handwash Doors 

  • Remove Cobwebs

  • Polish Mirrors

  • Clean Light Switches

  • Clean Light Fixtures

  • Sanitize Door Handles

  • Clean Front Door

  • Top of Range Hood

  • Top of Fridge

  • Vacuum

  • Mop



  • Clean and Sanitize all Counters

  • Clean Backsplash

  • Clean all Sinks and Faucets

  • Exterior of Cupboards

  • Stovetop

  • Microwave (including Interior)

  • Wipe Appliances (Exterior)


  • Clean and Sanitize Sink, Vanity, and Faucet

  • Mirrors

  • Scrub entire toilet

  • Clean Shower (including Tub, Tiles, and Minimal Grout)

  • Wipe cabinets (Exterior)​

  • Clean any Fixtures

Add Ons (Typically all are included/recommended)

  • Interior Cupboards

  • Interior Windows

  • Fridge

  • Oven

$40 Per Hour (Per Cleaner, Plus Tax).

Minimum 3 hours

*We Provide All Supplies and Equipment*

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